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SouthSide Sports Performance Training- Taking Athletes to the Next Level

Next Level training is designed to take young athletes to the Next Level by increasing strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and overall athleticism, while reducing the possibility of injury.

SouthSide’s Next Level training helps athletes in the 9 -17 year age group vastly improve their talent level.  For the teen athlete with their eyes on earning a college scholarship, to the beginner who is learning the game and trying to make the team, Next Level training at Southside is the place to help young athletes achieve their goals.

All groups run year-round and do not exceed 9 athletes per group. Each class will stress proper technique and functional training movements under the supervision of a certified trainer and certified speed and agility coach. Character Development and Team Building are cornerstones of Next Level Sports Performance Training. Confidence, Self-Esteem, Respect, Hard Work, and Team Building are emphasized in each training class. Learning core principles benefit a child both on and off the field.

No matter the sport, no matter the skill, SouthSide’s Next Level training is designed to help athletes realize their full potential, contact us at (828) 322-6718 to learn more.

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